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Deputy Chief Minister Jarange Patil Criticizes Fadnavis Government’s Handling of Maratha Movement

Deputy Chief Minister Jarange Patil lambasts government for unjust treatment of the Maratha community

Maharashtra | November 01, 2023 : A prominent figure within the Maharashtra government, Deputy Chief Minister Manoj Jarange Patil, has openly criticized Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, accusing him of mishandling the ongoing Maratha movement in the state. Jarange Patil made a series of strong statements, reflecting growing tensions within the state’s political landscape.

In a public address, Jarange Patil expressed his discontent with the government’s approach to the Maratha community’s longstanding grievances. He stated, “Maharashtra is peaceful, but it seems that the government does not want to keep Maharashtra peaceful. Marathas have been wronged for years. There is still injustice to be done, but we will not tolerate it now.” The deputy chief minister promised peaceful protests but warned, “If you want to spoil the atmosphere, you see. We have to see how strong you are and how much Article 307 is imposed.”

Jarange Patil’s criticism extended to the government’s decision to shut down internet services in response to the protests. He questioned the government’s actions, stating, “What else does the government have to do? The government is doing this without coming directly to the front. But even if the government does something, the Maratha movement will not stop now.”

Taking a direct swipe at Deputy Chief Minister Fadnavis, Jarange Patil warned, “Shah should call me, Fadnavis won’t tell the truth.” He emphasized the need for a concrete decision and threatened water supply cutoff if the government failed to take action.

Responding to the recent violent turn in the Maratha movement, Fadnavis stated, “The state government is taking positive steps. The state government is committed. At the same time, some people are trying to take advantage of this movement to use violence.” He further warned that while peaceful protests would be tolerated, violence would not be.

In a separate interview, Fadnavis expressed his willingness to discuss the issues with Jarange Patil, saying, “Government will try as fast as possible to solve it. We cannot communicate in front of the media’s microphone. If you want to communicate, sit ten people. Sit a hundred people. Communicate in front of the mic. No. You say four things, we will also say four things.”

The Maratha reservation issue dates back to 2014 when it was challenged in the Bombay High Court. It was only in 2018 that the Maharashtra government took steps to address the Maratha community’s concerns. The State Backward Classes Commission recommended that the Maratha community be declared a socially and educationally backward class, making them eligible for reservation benefits.

The controversy continued with court battles, leading to the Bombay High Court granting 13 percent reservation in government jobs and 12 percent in education for the Maratha community. However, this decision was later challenged in the Supreme Court, leading to the current state of uncertainty.

As the Maratha movement and the government’s response remain in the spotlight, it is clear that the situation demands careful attention and resolution to ensure peace and justice for all concerned parties.


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