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Dawood Ibrahim Hospitalized in Pakistan Amid Poisoning Allegations

Reports Suggest Dawood Ibrahim Poisoned in Pakistan; Hospitalized in Critical Condition

December 18, 2023: In a startling turn of events, reports are circulating that the notorious underworld figure, Dawood Ibrahim, has been poisoned in Pakistan. The most wanted don has allegedly been admitted to a hospital in Karachi, with unconfirmed sources stating that his condition is critical. Dawood Ibrahim, known for his involvement in the 1993 Mumbai blasts, has been residing in Karachi for several years, shielded by tight security. However, no official confirmation has been released regarding his hospitalization or the circumstances surrounding it.

Born in Mumbai, Dawood has a long history of criminal activities, including extortion, theft, and his notorious role in the devastating 1993 bomb blasts that claimed over 250 lives and injured thousands. Despite being on India’s most wanted list, Dawood has managed to evade capture, finding refuge in Pakistan. The news of his alleged poisoning has ignited speculation about the motives behind this act.

Possible Motives Behind Poisoning: While the reasons behind poisoning Dawood remain speculative, some theories point to the growing pressure on Pakistan to take action against terrorists involved in anti-India activities. Notably, key figures like Lashkar-e-Taiba commander Adnan Ahmed alias Abu Hanzla have been eliminated in previous operations. Given Dawood’s notorious reputation and the tight security provided by Pakistan’s ISI, poisoning appears to be a method that could bypass traditional security measures.

No official information has been released regarding who might be responsible for poisoning Dawood or the specific motivations behind the act. The news has gained traction on social media, but until official confirmation emerges, the circumstances surrounding Dawood’s hospitalization remain shrouded in mystery.

Dawood Ibrahim: A Brief Profile: Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar, born in December 1955 in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, is the mastermind behind the D Company, a notorious criminal organization. His father, Ibrahim Kaskar, served as a constable in the Maharashtra Police. Dawood’s criminal journey began in the aftermath of his elder brother’s brutal murder in 1981 by a Pathan gang in Mumbai. Since his involvement in the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts, Dawood has been on the run, with India repeatedly providing evidence of his presence in Pakistan. Despite international pressure, Pakistan has consistently denied harboring Dawood on its soil.

As the news of Dawood’s alleged poisoning continues to unfold, the mystery surrounding the circumstances and motivations behind this act deepens. The international community watches closely as developments in this high-profile case unfold.


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