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Mumbai Municipality and States on High Alert as JN.1 Variant Sparks Rise in COVID-19 Cases

Corona Cases Surge; Health Authorities Take Precautionary Measures

December 21, 2023: In a concerning turn of events, the number of COVID-19 cases is once again on the rise in the country, with 358 new patients reported in the last 24 hours. The state of Kerala is particularly affected, contributing a staggering 300 cases to this surge. In response, the Centre has issued instructions to all states to heighten vigilance. Mumbai, in light of this, has taken noteworthy steps to address the situation.

Covid-19 JN.1 Variant Causes Alarm in Maharashtra

Maharashtra has witnessed a sudden spike in COVID-19 cases, with 14 new patients identified in the last 24 hours. The epicenter of this surge is Mumbai, reporting 13 cases, and one case in Thane. Health authorities attribute this increase to the emergence of the JN.1 variant. While there is no need for panic, citizens are advised to remain vigilant. Health ministers from the state convened with central authorities to discuss the situation, emphasizing the importance of mask-wearing, maintaining social distance, and using sanitizers to prevent the spread of the virus.

Mumbai Municipality Takes Swift Action

The Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has been quick to respond to the threat posed by the new variant. In a recent review meeting, BMC ordered an increase in RTPCR tests and the readiness of oxygen beds, ICUs, and other medical facilities. With 17 active cases in Mumbai, including one new positive case today, the municipality has issued crucial instructions to laboratories, clinics, and major hospitals to remain on high alert. Following the central government’s directives, RTPCR tests are to be escalated, and citizens are encouraged to use masks as needed, with special emphasis on those with heart and diabetes conditions to take extra precautions.

First JN.1 Variant Patient in Sindhudurg; State Health Systems on Alert

Sindhudurg district reports the first case of the JN.1 variant, a 41-year-old male. State health authorities are now urging all districts to be vigilant, emphasizing increased testing and reviewing the preparedness of the health system. The discovery of this new variant has prompted heightened awareness and precautionary measures throughout the state.

Corona Outbreak in Kerala Raises Concerns Nationwide

Kerala is grappling with a significant surge in COVID-19 cases, recording 300 new patients recently. This surge has contributed to a nationwide total of 2,669 cases. The death toll has risen to six, with three fatalities in Kerala, two in Karnataka, and one in Punjab. Health authorities across states are closely monitoring the situation, emphasizing the need for public cooperation in adhering to safety measures without succumbing to panic.


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