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Controversy Unfolds on Winter Session’s First Day as Former Minister’s Presence Sparks Debate

Devendra Fadnavis Writes Directly to Ajit Pawar, Eknath Shinde Clarifies Stand

On the inaugural day of the winter session at the state legislature, a heated controversy emerged between the ruling party and the opposition. The source of discord was the seating arrangement, with former Nationalist Congress leader Nawab Malik finding a place on the ruling bench. Ambadas Danve, leader of the Thackeray group, raised concerns, stating, “You cannot sit on the lap of a traitor.” Responding to this, Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis asserted, “We are not sitting on anyone’s lap,” followed by a direct letter to Ajit Pawar.

Letter to Ajit Pawar and Shinde’s Clarification Deepen Political Rift

Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis took to social media to share the letter addressed to Ajit Pawar, expressing concerns over the presence of Nawab Malik. Simultaneously, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde clarified the government’s stance on the serious allegations against Malik. Despite being out on bail for health reasons, Malik has not been acquitted by the court, maintaining the government’s previous stance.

Shinde emphasized that the Grand Alliance’s component parties unite for national and public interest. “His presence on the ruling parties’ bench does not follow the signals,” Shinde remarked, supporting Fadnavis’ position. He added, “Ajit Pawar will make the right decision by respecting public interest and spirit,” asserting that opponents have no right to comment on the matter.

Addressing Nawab Malik’s past as a minister during imprisonment, Shinde argued that the opposition lacks moral authority to speak on these issues. “No action was taken against them at that time,” he stated, defending the government’s position and highlighting the opposition’s perceived hypocrisy.

In conclusion, the letter from Fadnavis and Shinde’s clarification have intensified the political debate, raising questions about the ethical and moral grounds on which political decisions are made within the state. The winter session promises more discussions on this contentious issue.


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