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Controversy Surrounds Transfer of Jalna Superintendent of Police Amid Maratha Protest Clash

Tushar Doshi, Former SP during Jalanya Lathi Charge, Transferred to Pune as Head of State Crime Investigation Department

Pune, Maharashtra | November 21, 2023: The repercussions of a clash between Maratha protesters and police during Manoj Jarange’s hunger strike in Antarwali Sarati, Jalna district, continue to unfold. The demand for the suspension of Jalanya’s then Superintendent of Police, Tushar Doshi, gained momentum, eventually leading to his compulsory leave. Now, Doshi has been reassigned as the Superintendent of State Crime Investigation Department (CID) in Pune following the incident.

Maratha reservation activist Manoj Jarange holds the Home Department responsible for what he perceives as a reward for Doshi’s actions against protesters. Jarange vows to initiate a judicial inquiry, stressing that those responsible for attacking innocent people will not go unpunished.

Controversy surrounds Doshi’s transfer, with revelations that Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis did not authorize the baton charge in Antarwali Sarati. This information, brought to light by Right to Information activist Asaram Dongre, adds fuel to the already heated debate.

In a meeting in Pune’s Kharadi area, Jarange Patil directs criticism at Minister Chhagan Bhujbal. While acknowledging ideological differences, Jarange Patil accuses Bhujbal of adopting a divisive stance against the Maratha community and warns against any attempts to incite caste-based riots.


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