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Controversy Surrounds Talathi Exam as 48 Candidates Score Over 200 Marks: Allegations of Corruption and Demands for Result Cancellation Emerge

TCS's Mark Normalization Process Creates Confusion and Outrage Among Talathi Exam Candidates

January 08, 2024: In a surprising turn of events, the Talathi recruitment process has come under scrutiny as 48 candidates have scored more than 200 marks, raising eyebrows and allegations of corruption. The controversy has gripped the state of Maharashtra, with churches associated with the exam (Talathi Bharti Exam) accusing malpractice. The issue gained widespread attention through various media outlets, leading to concerns voiced by several MLAs and ministers who suspect foul play.

The Revenue Department of the Maharashtra Government, however, has stepped forward to dispel the allegations, stating that there is no malpractice involved, and the situation is a result of misunderstanding and ignorance. Despite this clarification, there is an ongoing demand for the cancellation of exam results from some quarters.

Last year’s Talathi recruitment exam, conducted in three parts across 57 sessions, witnessed an overwhelming response, with 10 lakh 41 thousand 713 candidates applying from all over Maharashtra. Out of these, 8 lakh 64 thousand 960 candidates appeared for the exam. However, when the results were announced, a significant uproar ensued. To address the issues encountered previously, the Talathi Pariksha was conducted this time by TCS, a renowned company.

TCS not only conducted the exam but also provided assistance by addressing candidates’ queries three times after the exam. The company introduced a mark normalization process, aiming to equate scores based on the varying difficulty levels of the 57 question papers. However, the normalization process, which led to an increase or decrease in marks depending on the difficulty level, has left many candidates perplexed.

The normalized marks obtained by the candidates were made available on the Talathi Bharti portal tab on the government website. Consequently, 48 candidates emerged with normalized marks surpassing the total marks of 200 in the Talathi recruitment exam.

The controversy has sparked demands for the entire exam to be canceled, leaving successful candidates, who dedicated significant effort to their studies, disheartened. They fervently appeal for the exam not to be canceled under any circumstances.

To avoid such controversies in the future, there is a call for the publicized use of generalized values during the selection process. Rational selection based on normalized marks can eliminate confusion, especially among candidates with reservation and similar marks. The involvement of TCS in conducting the exam is highlighted as a crucial aspect, given the high number of examinees due to unemployment. The normalization process, especially in instances of a high number of sessions, is deemed essential for maintaining fairness and transparency in the Talathi recruitment process.


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