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Controversy Surrounding Maratha Reservation Clarified in Cabinet Meeting

Chief Minister Eknath Shinde dispels rumors and confusion over Maratha reservation during a crucial Cabinet meeting.

Mumbai | November 08, 2023: In a significant development today, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Eknath Shinde, chaired a Cabinet meeting where several vital decisions were made, including discussions on Maratha and OBC (Other Backward Classes) reservations. The meeting aimed to address the escalating controversy surrounding the allocation of reservations to these communities.

The recent rumors suggesting that the Maratha community was to receive immediate reservation had stirred confusion and concerns among the OBC leaders, including Chhagan Bhujbal. After the Cabinet meeting, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde clarified the situation, reassuring both communities and putting the rumors to rest.

“We want to ensure that no community is treated unfairly,” Chief Minister Shinde stated. “Our commitment is to provide reservation without disrupting the existing quotas for other communities. We are determined to work towards granting reservation to the Maratha community.”

He emphasized that the government would follow a rigorous process, issuing Kunbi certificates based on the government’s established criteria and verifying their eligibility. This process was essential to dispel the misconception that Marathas would receive immediate reservation, causing concerns among the OBC leaders.

The Chief Minister assured OBC leaders, including Chhagan Bhujbal, that the government’s role was to uphold justice and equity for all, without infringing on existing reservations. The Cabinet meeting served as a platform to clarify these doubts and concerns, ensuring transparency and understanding among the stakeholders.

The Chief Minister’s statement, while dispelling the rumors of immediate Maratha reservation, is expected to trigger further discussions and controversies on this complex issue. As the government strives to strike a balance between the demands of different communities, the path towards a fair and equitable reservation system remains an ongoing challenge.



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