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Chief Minister Shinde Accuses Opposition of Misusing Power in Phone Tapping Case

CM Eknath Shinde Claims Attempt to Jail Devendra Fadnavis in Leaked Documents Scandal, Criticizes CBI's Investigation Closure

Mumbai: In a recent development, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde has strongly criticized the opposition, alleging an attempt to misuse power in the case involving leaked confidential documents and phone tapping. The Chief Minister’s remarks come after the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) closed its investigation due to the inability to locate the accused individuals.

Addressing the media, Chief Minister Shinde expressed his concerns over the closure of the investigation and accused the opposition of attempting to jail prominent political figures, including Devendra Fadnavis, under false charges during the Mahavikas Aghadi government’s tenure.

Shinde’s statement was accompanied by a scathing accusation against the opposition, claiming that an endeavor was made to incarcerate Devendra Fadnavis by exploiting the government system. He stated, “I also know some things, there was an attempt to put them in jail. These things are true. But today the CBI has given them a clean chit by doing ‘Milk Ka Dudh, Pani Ka Pani’.”

The Chief Minister further emphasized that the ongoing power struggle and mutual allegations have become evident to the public, urging patience for the truth to unfold at the appropriate time.

Responding to NCP President Sharad Pawar’s statements, Shinde highlighted the contradictions in Pawar’s words and actions. “Pawar sir is a great leader. But they mean exactly the opposite of what they say,” Shinde remarked. Additionally, he pointed out the support received from Ajit Dada and acknowledged the achievements of the Modi government.

Drawing parallels, Shinde praised India’s recent success in the Chandrayaan mission and portrayed the nation’s advancement towards becoming a superpower. He noted, “Chandrayaan mission has been successful only yesterday. Our country is moving towards superpower, it has taken a step towards it. Shinde further said that what Ajitdad has understood, Pawar Saheb will also understand gradually.”

As the political landscape continues to witness clashes of words and actions, Chief Minister Shinde’s allegations shed light on the ongoing power dynamics and the efforts to uncover the truth behind the leaked documents and phone tapping controversy. The public remains watchful as the political narrative unfolds in the coming days.



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