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Pune ATS Nabs Two Terrorists; A Chabad House Targeted Again?

A few days ago, the Pune Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) successfully apprehended two terrorists. Investigations into the backgrounds of these terrorists are currently underway. During the operation, some literature was found in their possession. Interestingly, pictures of Chabad House in Mumbai, also known as Nariman House, were discovered on their devices. As many may recall, Nariman House was targeted by terrorists during the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. With the appearance of these pictures, concerns have risen, and the security measures around Chabad House have been intensified. Authorities fear the possibility of another terrorist attack.

Pune ATS had managed to apprehend two young terrorists recently. Their possession of pictures related to Chabad House has raised suspicions. Could they be planning to target Chabad House once again? This question remains a subject of investigation. As a result, Mumbai Police have bolstered security measures around the area. Given the history of Chabad House being targeted during the 26/11 attacks, the police are taking this situation very seriously. Senior police officials have been frequently visiting the site to assess the situation. Four senior PIs and one ACP have been assigned to oversee the security arrangements. Furthermore, an unclaimed car containing explosives was found in the vicinity, prompting locals to remain vigilant.

ISIS Module will be Disrupted in Maharashtra

Meanwhile, the Maharashtra branch of the ISIS has been dealt a blow as the MIA (Maharashtra Intelligence Agency) launched a series of operations resulting in the arrest of five individuals. Among those arrested, Dr. Adnan Ali Sarkar was a significant figure within the terrorist ideology. He had been attempting to radicalize and recruit young individuals for terrorist activities for several years. Adnan Ali Sarkar had been residing in Pune’s Kondhwa area for quite some time, according to sources.

It is believed that he may have been trying to draw the attention of these young men towards terrorist activities, ultimately planning to involve them in an attack on Chabad House. The news sources provided us with this information.

Please note that the investigation is still ongoing, and more details will emerge as authorities continue their efforts to ensure the safety and security of the region.



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