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Opinion Poll | BJP’s Quest for a Third Consecutive Victory in Lok Sabha Elections Faces India Aghadi Challenge

New Delhi | 26-Dec-2023: With the Lok Sabha elections looming just a few months away, political dynamics are heating up as the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) braces for a challenging battle against the opposition’s India Aghadi. The BJP, having secured a notable victory in the recent state elections, is eyeing a third consecutive term in power.

In the aftermath of the five-state elections, where the BJP clinched victories in three states and dominated the Lok Sabha semi-finals, party leaders and workers are exuding confidence. However, the India Aghadi, a coalition of opposition forces, is gearing up to pose a formidable challenge in the upcoming national elections.

A recent survey conducted by ABP News-C Voter sheds light on the potential outcomes of the Lok Sabha elections. If the elections were held today, the NDA is projected to secure a substantial 295 to 335 seats, paving the way for the BJP to form the government for the third time. On the other hand, the India Aghadi, with Congress in its ranks, is estimated to garner 165 to 205 seats, while other parties may secure 35 to 65 seats.

Despite the significant gap in seat projections, opinion polls suggest a relatively close race in terms of vote share. The NDA is anticipated to secure a maximum of 42 percent of the votes, with the India Aghadi trailing closely at 38 percent. Other parties are expected to capture 20 percent of the votes.

Analyzing regional trends, the NDA is poised for a resounding victory in North India, securing an estimated 150 to 160 seats out of the 180 available. However, the South presents a challenge for the NDA, where they may settle for 20 to 30 seats out of 132. In East India, the NDA is expected to secure 80 to 90 seats out of 153, while in West India, they may capture 45 to 55 seats out of 79.

In contrast, the India Aghadi appears to lag behind in all regions except the South. Projections indicate a potential win of 70-80 seats out of 132 in South India. In the North, they may secure only 20 to 30 seats, while in East and West India, the estimates stand at 50 to 60 seats and 25 to 35 seats, respectively.

Notably, North India, with its 180 Lok Sabha seats, holds the key to the election outcome. The NDA’s estimated 150 to 160 seats compared to India Aghadi’s 20 to 30 seats underscore the BJP’s stronghold in this region. The weak presence of Congress further tilts the balance in favor of the BJP.

As the nation anticipates the electoral showdown, the battleground is set for a riveting contest between the ruling BJP-led NDA and the formidable challenge presented by the India Aghadi in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.



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