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BJP MLA Laxman Madhavrao Pawar Resigns Over Maratha Reservation Demand

After Chief Minister Shinde, Fadnavis is also shocked by the move

October 31, 2023: The Maratha reservation movement in the state of Maharashtra has gained momentum, causing a ripple effect in the political landscape. As Maratha protesters continue to voice their demand for reservation, political leaders are facing increasing pressure. This has led to the resignation of several party workers and leaders who support the cause. In a recent development, Gevrai MLA Laxman Madhavrao Pawar, a member of the BJP, has resigned from his position in support of the Maratha reservation.

Laxman Pawar formally submitted his resignation to the Assembly Speaker, stating his strong support for the long-pending Maratha reservation issue. In his resignation letter, he emphasized the deep-rooted sentiments of the Maratha community regarding this matter and expressed his unwavering support for their cause.

Pawar’s decision to resign comes shortly after Shiv Sena’s Shinde faction leader, Hemant Patil, resigned from his position as a Member of Parliament (MP) in solidarity with the Maratha reservation movement. In a similar vein, Patil stressed the importance of addressing the Maratha community’s demand for reservation, acknowledging the enduring struggle that this community has faced.

Following his resignation, MP Hemant Patil submitted his formal resignation to the Lok Sabha Speaker’s office and is scheduled to meet with Lok Sabha leadership. The Lok Sabha Speaker’s office has reportedly accepted his resignation, recognizing the seriousness of the issue and the commitment of these political figures to the cause.

Commenting on his decision, MP Hemant Patil emphasized the urgency of the Maratha reservation issue and the need for immediate action. He mentioned the deteriorating health of Jarange Patil, a prominent activist for the Maratha community and farmers, and his unwavering dedication to the cause. The Chief Minister has called for a meeting to discuss the issue and explore avenues for providing reservation to the Maratha community. Patil’s decision to resign is a reflection of his commitment to the cause and a call for swift resolution to the longstanding issue.

The resignations of BJP MLA Laxman Madhavrao Pawar and Shiv Sena leader Hemant Patil highlight the growing significance of the Maratha reservation movement in Maharashtra’s political landscape. As these leaders step down from their positions, it underscores the pressing need for action on the Maratha community’s demands for reservation.


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