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BJP Leader Narayan Rane Urges Immediate Arrest of VBA Chief Prakash Ambedkar Over Riot Predictions

Minister Narayan Rane demands swift action following Prakash Ambedkar's warning of potential riots after December 6

November 30, 2023: In a recent development, Union Minister and prominent BJP leader, Narayan Rane, have called for the immediate arrest of Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi (VBA) chief Prakash Ambedkar. The demand comes in light of Ambedkar’s statement predicting riots post-December 6. Rane insists that arresting Ambedkar is crucial to gathering information about the potential unrest.

Rane emphasized the importance of filing an FIR against Ambedkar and asserted that failure to disclose information should be considered a criminal offense. He stated, “If someone hides information, it becomes a crime. They should be arrested and asked for information. The basis of the riot should be probed, and proof must be provided.”

Expressing concern about the possibility of riots, Rane urged the police to take swift action to identify and apprehend those responsible. He questioned, “Who is going to riot? Who is behind this?” and stressed the need for the police to prevent future disturbances. Rane asserted that the arrest of individuals involved in such activities is essential for maintaining law and order.

Rane further highlighted the importance of preparedness, revealing that all police stations have been advised to be on high alert after December 6. He expressed concern about the potential targeting of the Muslim community and condemned those unrelated to the struggle for making statements that could escalate tensions.

In response to criticisms that politically exhausted individuals were making baseless claims, Rane suggested that they should refrain from such actions and instead focus on maintaining peace. He concluded by stating that the proactive measures taken by the police would contribute to the preservation of law and security in the region.


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