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Birth Certificates Now the Sole Requirement for Admissions; Other Documents No Longer Needed

No other documents are required for admission, including Dhar, Passport...Only Birth Certificate will be important.

India |October 01, 2023: Starting October 1, a significant change will simplify the admission process across the country – birth certificates will become the sole required document. This means that you will no longer need additional documents like your Aadhaar card, passport, or even a marriage certificate. This momentous shift has been implemented under the ‘Registration of Births and Deaths Act 2023’.

But what exactly is a birth certificate?

A birth certificate is a crucial document that verifies a person’s birth. It contains essential information, including the place of birth, gender, and the names of the parents, allowing for the identification of the child. Even if the child already possesses an Aadhaar card, the birth certificate remains indispensable.

For infants up to one year old, the process for obtaining a birth certificate is as follows:

  1. For hospital births, you should apply in the respective zone where the hospital is located.
  2. For home births, the application must be submitted in the zone where the home is situated.
  3. After providing all the necessary documents, they will be uploaded to the birth certificate website:
  4. Once approved, a birth certificate valid throughout India will be issued, which can be printed from anywhere.
  5. You can directly apply for a birth certificate on the website

For children older than one year, the procedure has also been streamlined:

  1. Instead of seeking permission from the city magistrate, you will now apply to the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM).
  2. The SDM will thoroughly examine your application.
  3. If all the information and evidence provided in your application are found to be accurate, a report is sent from the SDM level to the Municipal Health Officer.
  4. The birth certificate will then be issued by the Zonal Office of the Zone in which the house or hospital is located, and you will be required to pay a late fee of Rs. 10.

It’s essential to be aware of the documents required for obtaining a birth certificate, depending on where the baby is born:

If the baby is born in a hospital, you will need:

  • Hospital discharge slip
  • Parents’ Aadhaar Card, Voter ID, Driving License, PAN Card

If the baby is born at home, you will need:

  • A letter attested by the corporator
  • Aadhaar cards of both parents or any other valid identification documents, such as a Voter ID card, driving license, or PAN card.

For situations where there is no corporator available, the documents of the parents, along with a letter from the Sector Warden, will suffice.

This significant change simplifies the process for obtaining birth certificates and eases the burden on individuals by eliminating the need for multiple documents during admissions. It is expected to streamline administrative procedures and make life easier for parents and citizens across the nation.


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