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Maratha Community Protests Minister Bhujbal’s Tour Amidst Damaged Crops

Unseasonal Rains Trigger Clash as Minister Chhagan Bhujbal Faces Opposition in Nashik

November 30, 2023: In the aftermath of widespread agricultural damage caused by unseasonal rains in the state, Minister Chhagan Bhujbal embarked on an inspection tour to assess the impact on farmers. However, the tour took an unexpected turn as members of the Maratha community vehemently opposed Bhujbal’s presence in Nashik district.

Maratha protesters, gathered in Somthan Desh village, voiced their discontent by sprinkling cow urine on the road through which Bhujbal’s convoy passed. The demonstration escalated as black flags were raised in Lasalgaon, symbolizing the community’s strong objection to the minister’s visit.

The confrontation reached a point where Bhujbal decided to alter his route, leaving Nashik district partially unexplored. The villagers of Somthan Desh, in Lasalgaon, closed their shops in protest, reflecting the intensity of their opposition to Bhujbal’s presence in their community.

Manoj Jarange Patil, a vocal critic, seized the opportunity to express his disapproval of Bhujbal’s tour. Jarange questioned the minister’s decision to visit damaged crops, arguing that Bhujbal’s involvement could exacerbate the farmers’ plight. Describing Bhujbal as a hindrance to agricultural progress, Jarange criticized the minister’s priorities and their potential impact on the farming community.

Chhagan Bhujbal, the Food and Civil Supplies Minister, visited the hail-hit areas in Yevala, Nashik, where unseasonal rain and hail had wreaked havoc on crops. Expressing empathy for the farmers, Bhujbal urged officials to promptly compile a report detailing the extent of the damage and instructed them to expedite the process of creating a comprehensive assessment. The tour aimed to address the pressing concerns of the farming community affected by the unexpected weather conditions.


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