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Baramati Witnesses a Historic Upset as Ajit Pawar’s Group Sweeps Gram Panchayat Elections

Baramati's Political Landscape Reshaped as Ajit Pawar's Dominance Shakes Sharad Pawar's Stronghold

November 07,2023: In a surprising turn of events, Baramati, a taluka in Pune district, has found itself in the national spotlight, and it’s all thanks to the charismatic presence of Sharad Pawar and the remarkable performance of Ajit Dada’s faction in the recently concluded Maharashtra Gram Panchayat Election 2023. For over half a century, Baramati has been synonymous with Sharad Pawar’s unwavering control. However, this election marks a significant departure from the status quo, as it becomes the first time in 50 years that Sharad Pawar has faced a major setback in his political stronghold.

The much-anticipated Gram Panchayat elections witnessed a historic showdown as the two prominent factions within the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) led by Sharad Pawar and Ajit Pawar found themselves on opposite sides of the political arena. Ajit Pawar’s group emerged as the clear victor, securing a resounding win in Baramati taluka. This unforeseen outcome has sent shockwaves through Sharad Pawar’s camp, where not a single candidate managed to secure victory.

Ajit Pawar’s group achieved a sweeping victory in Baramati, clinching victory in 30 out of the 32 declared gram panchayats. The Sharad Pawar group, along with the Shinde and Thackeray factions, faced defeat at the hands of an assertive Ajit Pawar, signaling a major shift in Baramati’s political landscape. To add to the dramatic change, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) emerged victorious on two fronts, marking a significant departure from the norm.

One of the most striking victories for Ajit Pawar’s group came in Katewadi Gram Panchayat, the birthplace of the Pawar family, where they secured control in 17 gram panchayats. Even in the very ward where Ajit Pawar’s family cast their votes, the Ajit Pawar group outperformed its opponents, resulting in an independent candidate’s election. Notably, this Gram Panchayat election marked a historic moment as BJP secured the Sarpanch position in two gram panchayats, a feat never before achieved in Baramati when contesting against the dominant Sharad Pawar.

The newly established alliance between Ajit Pawar and the BJP has begun to reshape the political equations in Baramati, casting uncertainty over the region’s political future. With this

stunning upset, it remains to be seen how this dramatic shift will impact the dynamics of power and representation in this historically significant taluka.


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