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Anna Hazare Takes Legal Action Against Criticizing MLA: A Controversial Social Media Spat

Anna Hazare Responds to Criticism from Nationalist Congress MLA

October 06, 2023: Veteran social worker Anna Hazare has found himself at the center of a controversy after Nationalist Congress MLA Jitendra Awad criticized him on social media. Awad posted a photo of Anna Hazare on his Twitter account with a caption suggesting that merely wearing a hat does not make one a Gandhi.

In response, Anna Hazare announced his intention to take legal action against Jitendra Awad. He stated that he would consult a lawyer and file a claim for damages against Awad for his remarks.

Anna Hazare defended his contributions to the country, saying, “It is said that because of me, the country has changed. But, the people benefited because of the laws I advocated for, such as the right to information. It cannot be denied that my agitation caused hardships for some activists, and many had to return home. Perhaps they couldn’t endure it.”

Anna Hazare acknowledged that criticism is a part of public life, stating, “Therefore, criticism is to be expected, but baseless slander is another matter.” He warned Jitendra Awad that he would pursue compensation against those who falsely accuse him of wrongdoing after consulting with his lawyer.

Following Anna Hazare’s statement, Jitendra Awad responded on his Twitter account, suggesting that Anna Hazare had only taken action after his tweet and questioned whether he would follow through with legal action. The situation has generated significant public attention and debate.


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