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Ajit Pawar Clarifies Guardian Minister Post and Flag Hoisting Confusion in Pune

Pune | Aug 12, 2023: In a recent development in Pune’s political arena, discussions have been heating up over the coveted guardian minister post, with intriguing questions arising about who would be saluting the flag on the upcoming Independence Day. The tussle between the ruling parties regarding this key position has reached a tipping point, especially following the announcement of the ministerial lineup.

Currently, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) holds the guardian minister position for Pune district, with Chandrakant Patil serving as the Guardian Minister. However, there has been a noticeable buzz in political circles suggesting that Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar is vying for this important role. On the other hand, the Nationalist Party, a significant player in the ruling coalition, is insisting on securing the Guardian Minister post for Pune.

Adding to the intrigue, the state government has recently unveiled the list of dignitaries who will hoist the flag in various districts on August 15, with Pune being a focal point of discussion. As per the usual protocol, the guardian minister of each district traditionally participates in the flag hoisting ceremony. However, due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the guardian minister post, the state government was forced to make a provisional announcement for the flag hoisting event. Initially, Minister Chandrakant Patil was slated to hoist the flag in Pune, but this decision was later revised, sparking fresh confusion and conversations in Pune.

Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar took the opportunity to address these matters publicly during a flyover program at Chandni Chowk in Pune. With a hint of challenge, he questioned the knowledge of some journalists, who seemed unaware of the historical context. For years, the Governor has been the one saluting the flag on August 15 in Pune, a fact that many seemed to overlook. Ajit Pawar emphasized the established protocol, with the Chief Minister saluting the flag in the state ministry, and the Governor taking the lead on Independence Day in Pune.

Pawar clarified that there is no dispute over the post of Guardian Minister of Pune and that the chief minister holds the authority to make appointments across the state’s districts. In a lighthearted yet pointed remark, he dismissed the notion of two Deputy Chief Ministers competing for the Chief Ministerial seat, highlighting the logical impossibility of keeping an eye on a single chair, especially when it’s already occupied.

With this clarification from Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar, the focus can now shift back to the significant issues facing Pune district, as the political landscape remains dynamic and ever-evolving.



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