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Ajit Pawar Appointed Guardian Minister of Pune, Resolving Political Tussle

Ajit Pawar's Pressure Technique Proves Effective as He Takes the Helm in Pune

October 04, 2023: In a significant political development, Ajit Pawar has emerged as the newly appointed guardian minister of Pune district, replacing Chandrakat Patil. The announcement came today as Chief Minister Eknath Shinde revealed the revised list of guardian ministers for 11 districts in the state. This move underscores the growing influence of the Ajit Pawar group within the government, as a total of seven leaders from his faction have been appointed as guardian ministers.

Ajit Pawar, often referred to as the political patriarch of Pune, seemed disheartened in recent days due to differences within the government. However, the decision to appoint him as the Guardian Minister of Pune has seemingly eased his discontent. This move has sparked discussions about the efficacy of Ajit Pawar’s pressure tactics within political circles.

His discontent was primarily centered around issues related to the grand coalition government, specifically regarding guardianship and the staggered cabinet expansion. This dissatisfaction was evident through his absence from the state cabinet meetings and the Varsha bungalow during Ganeshotsav celebrations.

Ever since Ajit Pawar’s group joined forces with the Shinde-Fadnavis government, they have been assertive in maintaining their influence. With their entry into power, ministerial positions were swiftly allocated to leaders from his group. Now, Ajit Pawar himself has ascended to the role of Guardian Minister of Pune, a position he had been adamant about securing.

To address Ajit Pawar’s concerns, the Ajit Pawar group issued an ultimatum to the Grand Alliance, demanding a resolution to the issue of guardian ministership within the next seven days. This ultimatum added tension to the already strained state cabinet meeting held yesterday.

In an attempt to prevent Ajit Pawar’s discontent from further destabilizing the government, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis hastily traveled to Delhi to meet with Union Home Minister and senior BJP leader Amit Shah. During their one-and-a-half-hour discussion, the three leaders deliberated on the matter of the guardian minister post, hoping to find a solution that would maintain political harmony.


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