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Accusations and Counter-Accusations Heat Up Maharashtra’s Political Arena

Nationalist Party Examination Continues at Election Commission Amid Growing Discord

October 12, 2023: In a political showdown that has captivated Maharashtra, the examination of the Nationalist Party and its symbol before the Election Commission persists, all the while giving rise to an escalating exchange of accusations and counter-accusations. The rift within the state’s political landscape deepens with each passing day.

While the Nationalist Party’s fate is under scrutiny before the Election Commission, the discord between key political figures in Maharashtra continues to intensify. Chhagan Bhujbal’s recent allegation that the decision to align with the BJP was orchestrated by Sharad Pawar has not gone unanswered. Sharad Pawar, a prominent figure in the state’s politics, delivered a robust counterargument.

Sharad Pawar, in response to Chhagan Bhujbal’s claims, stated, “Some among us advocated for an alliance with the BJP, but we opposed the idea. Surprisingly, it was Bhujbal who proposed Supriya Sule’s appointment as the party president. Chhagan Bhujbal has openly acknowledged his misrepresentation of the facts, which is quite telling.”

“Let us not place undue importance on what Chhagan Bhujbal says. The pertinent question is, on which party’s symbol was he elected? He was elected under our banner but subsequently aligned with the BJP. What more is there to discuss?” Pawar further criticized.

Furthermore, the feud extended to Ajit Pawar, who currently holds the position of Chief Minister. Sharad Pawar expressed his skepticism, remarking, “The notion of Ajit Pawar becoming the Chief Minister shall remain a mere reverie. I must address his recent letter, penned in his capacity as National President. If he wishes to draft letters, he should confine it to the UN, not the state of Maharashtra.” The ongoing rift in the Maharashtra political sphere continues to hold the attention of the state’s residents, with the Nationalist Party’s fate pending a decision from the Election Commission. The exchange of allegations and rebuttals only serves to further underline the tension within the state’s political landscape.


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