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Social Media Spat Escalates Between Abhijeet Kelkar and Pushkar Jog Over Caste Question

Offensive Posts Trigger Municipal Employees' Outrage and Calls for Action

January 30 , 2024: In a recent social media controversy, actor Pushkar Jog sparked outrage by posting an offensive message following a question about his caste from a female municipal employee conducting a Maratha reservation survey. The actor’s post suggested that if the staff member had not been a woman, he would have physically reacted to the inquiry. This incited fury among municipal employees, prompting the employees’ association to demand immediate action against Pushkar Jog.

Abhijit Kelkar, another actor, entered the fray by responding strongly to Pushkar Jog’s post. Expressing pride in being the son of a municipal corporation employee, Kelkar highlighted the challenges municipal workers face in executing their assigned duties, including conducting surveys and censuses. Kelkar raised poignant questions about the difficulties faced by municipal employees and challenged the notion of feeling ashamed to disclose one’s caste.

Pushkar Jog, in his original post, had warned against repeating the question about his caste, adding a threat of physical violence. However, following the widespread backlash and the demand for action from the Association of Municipal Employees, Jog issued an apology to both the municipal employees and Chief Minister Eknath Shinde.

Abhijit Kelkar’s subsequent post garnered mixed reactions, further fueling the ongoing debate around municipal surveys and caste-related inquiries. The controversy did not stop there, as actor Sharad Ponkshe also weighed in on the matter. Ponkshe shared an anecdote about municipal officials visiting his home and emphasized the importance of cultural respect, recounting how they politely declined any concessions based on caste.

As the social media spat unfolds, it sheds light on the challenges faced by municipal employees and the sensitivity surrounding caste-related questions. The incident has not only ignited a heated exchange between actors but has also prompted a broader discussion on cultural values and respect for those carrying out essential public duties.


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