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Security Breach Fallout: 141 MPs Suspended, NCP President Sharad Pawar Expresses Fury

NCP President Sharad Pawar strongly criticizes the suspension of MPs during the winter session.

December 19, 2023: In a dramatic turn of events during the ongoing winter session, a total of 141 Members of Parliament (MPs) have been suspended, causing an uproar in both Houses. The suspension comes in the wake of a security breach incident in the Parliament, leading to heightened tensions among political circles. The ‘India Alliance’ has issued a stern warning, demanding a statement from Union Home Minister Amit Shah on the security breach case before any further proceedings.

Among the suspended MPs is prominent leader Supriya Sule, adding to the controversy surrounding the incident. The suspension decision has fueled the anger of NCP President Sharad Pawar, who expressed his strong disapproval during an interaction with ‘Zee 24 Taas.’ Pawar criticized the government’s handling of the situation, highlighting the seriousness of the security breach and the lack of information provided by the ruling party.

“The opposition has only demanded that the Home Minister should give information about who these people were, the mechanism and power behind it. But not to give that information in the hall. It is spoken outside the House. But wherever this has happened, the behavior of the ruling party is to not give information,” remarked Sharad Pawar, expressing concerns about the government’s transparency.

Pawar emphasized the importance of informing the nation about the sanctity and protection of the Parliament auditorium. He defended the opposition’s right to demand information and criticized the ruling party’s reluctance to provide it. “What is the importance of the House if the rulers are only looking on? We have the right to know the facts, and if there is a punishment for insisting on it, we will accept this punishment,” Pawar asserted, underscoring the opposition’s commitment to upholding democratic values.


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